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Provisioning through Identity Management Framework

Access which is both assigned and revoked within the solution must be actioned in an IT system. The best possible way to achieve this will be through integration with an Identity Management framework. Authoritative identity information on the personnel in your company is brought in and maintained through the identity management framework. As this information is changed, attestation is triggered based upon the predefined trigger rules. Approved access is sent to the identity management systems for provisioning, and likewise access revocation is automatically completed. Additionally, information manually set in the connected system can be sent into the solution. This provides for richer reporting, allowing access reports to indicate the actual state of the access assignment in the connected system.

Provisioning through Service Desk
Where  Identity Manager integration is not possible a request can be created, through email integration, in most service desk applications. This request will then allow for the manual assignment or revocation of the access in the IT system. Once the action has been completed the service desk agent will be able to feedback to the solution that the provision or de-provision has been completed successfully.