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 The achievable benefits of deploying the solution are:

  • An easy to use web based interface/portal for all Access Governance functions
  • A flexible and easy to use mechanism for defining access within an organisation
  • An easy to use web based access request management facility supported by a fully automated approval workflow process ensuring the right access is approved through the correct management channels
  • Tight and secure integration with an organisation’s store of identities for automated access assignment or with an organisation’s Service Desk for more manually orientated access assignment
  • Access approval processes are well defined and easy to complete
  • Flexible options are available for access provisioning either through integration with an identity management service or through email integration with a corporate service desk system.
  • Flexible attestation of access through either a scheduled attestation campaign of event triggered attestations
  • Strong local skills available for solution deployment, configuration and post deployment support as a managed service offering
  • Flexible licensing options
  • Easy to use reporting functionality during auditing and general reporting cycles including both access governance and audit reporting on the iam-AGA solution activities.
  • The solution portal can be “skinned” to reflect organisational colours and themes

The key advantages of the solution include:

  • Full Featured, providing the request, approval, attestation and reporting functionality required for access governance
  • User Friendly, important as this application will be used by both users and line of business
  • Locally Applicable, designed to cater for accomplishing compliance with local South African regulations such as SOX, King III, POPI, etc
  • Integrated, through an Identity Manager to most major applications, databases and directories. Also able to integrate via email to most service desk applications
  • Extensible, allowing customers to request specific customizations to their implementation
  • Affordable, developed locally for the South African market providing pricing brackets ensuring the affordability of the solution no matter the size of the organisation, big or small