As a CXO, business leader or government representative, have you ever asked yourself or your organisation the following questions:
  • Does the organisation have complete control over identities and assigned access?
  • Is the organisation compliant with regulatory or corporate governance requirements?
  • Are there sufficient enterprise controls in place to ensure the integrity of the organisation’s systems and data while maintaining the privacy of the customer’s data?
  • Can the organisation validate and re-certify the access provided?
  • How quickly can the organisation respond to access exceptions?
  • How confident are we that the organisation will pass its audits?
  • Does the organisation have the right tools in place to cater for automated access governance?
Asking any of these questions indicates that you as a business or public sector leader take regulatory and corporate governance seriously. Globally pressure is being applied at the highest levels for corporates and governments to put in place controls that will address governance, risk and compliance requirements.
What is the “Access Governance Assured” solution?
At its highest level, the Access Governance Assured solution is the key to achieving legislative compliance and good governance within an organisation’s ICT environment. Additionally, the solution provides the organization with an automated mechanism for gaining control over identities where access assignment is securely managed, audited and reported on. An access governance solution should provide the functionality to re-attest the access granted on a regular basis. The solution is a web based platform allowing IT to centralise the management of access to IT resources. Its aim is to enable IT organisations to improve the security, reduce the risk and ensure the compliance with legislation of the processes involved in providing access to the various systems it manages.